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Senior Portraits

I believe every high school senior deserves a professional photography experience to document being a senior in High School. Senior pictures should reflect your personality and who you have become. This is how your friends will always remember you.

Senior portraits seek to capture a young adult about to move on to the next chapter of their life. Most senior sessions are usually themed by what the seniors' interests are. They can be shot on location, with a sports or music theme or simply in their favorite outfits.

A great senior portrait photographer will be able to quickly establish rapport with the student and have the ability to help camera shy subjects look their best.

The real focus is on having a great time during your session.

Just because your friend bought a nice pair of scissors would it make sense to let her cut your hair? NO! I’ve heard people say, “My friend has a nice camera, I’ll just get him to do my pictures”. Well, here’s something to consider. Should you trust a once-in-a-lifetime senior portrait to a person with just a good camera? Anyone with a camera can take your picture. There is a big difference between a snapshot and a professional portrait. Years of training and numerous clients yield expertise that will show in the final images.

Choose wisely. The choice is yours!